• Anti Fatigue Bracelet

    Anti Fatigue Bracelet

    Anti fatigue bracelet features titanium steel, laser cutting and polishing technique, comfortable to wear, hematite, anti-fatigue and anti-radiation. 100% nickel free, hypoallergenic,anti-fatigue, light and comfortable to wear. This very stylish and lightweight magnetic...Read More

  • Masonic Signet Rings

    Masonic Signet Rings

    Masonic Signet Rings are 100% hypoallergenic and will not produce skin discoloration or irritation. This very stylish and lightweight ring will make the perfect gift for the important people in your life.Read More

  • Punk Cross Necklace

    Punk Cross Necklace

    *The Punk Cross Necklace is a sleek piece of jewellery to wear as a daily remembrance of the wonderful gift Jesus gave us. It serves as a reminder that Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice and died for our sins. The perfect gift for those who love Jesus and are thankful for him.Read More

  • Mens Hip Hop Pendant Necklace

    Mens Hip Hop Pendant Necklace

    This Mens Hip Hop Pendant Necklace can be used as a gift for men or as a party accessory. It is highly polished and nickel free. The materials used in the production are rust-proof, anti-corrosive and rust-resistant, and hypoallergenic. This hip hop necklace is designed to...Read More

  • Barbell Necklace

    Barbell Necklace

    This Barbell Necklace can be used as an inspiring workman to draw attention anywhere. Its unique symbol of health and strength can remind fitness enthusiasts of your commitment to good health. It is made of stainless steel and is therefore resistant to abrasion and friction....Read More

  • Christ the Redeemer Necklace

    Christ the Redeemer Necklace

    This Christ the Redeemer Necklace is accented with rich gold finishes. This pendant is made of stainless steel and PVD gold plated to add luster and durability. It is made from hypoallergenic materials and is free of nickel and lead. The height and weight of the pendant are...Read More

  • Mens Hip Hop Chains

    Mens Hip Hop Chains

    This Mens Hip Hop Chains is made of beautiful silver and is a vibrant and eye-catching chain. This thick curb chain provides a heavy, thick look. The silvery coating of this product gives it a quality look. We used salt water to test the product several times to confirm that...Read More

  • Hip Hop Gold Chains

    Hip Hop Gold Chains

    This stainless steel and gold-plated Hip Hop Gold Chains looks as real as any other true bling necklace, but if you want to create a layered look, you can buy more than one. This product allows you to get the look and feel of pure gold at a very low cost. It allows you to...Read More

  • Genuine Leather Bracelet

    Genuine Leather Bracelet

    This Genuine Leather Bracelet is mainly made of high quality leather, so when you wear it, you will obviously feel a good comfort. In addition, the leather bracelet is also very breathable, so you don't feel sweaty when you wear it. In addition, the leather bracelet does not...Read More

  • Beetle Bracelet

    Beetle Bracelet

    This Beetle Bracelet is made of high quality stainless steel when it is made, so it will not change color and oxidize, making it more durable than other jewelry. It can withstand a lot of wear and is also hypoallergenic. It has a high resistance to rust, corrosion and...Read More

  • Biker Chain Bracelet

    Biker Chain Bracelet

    This Biker Chain Bracelet is made of high-quality titanium steel and has been laser-cut and polished, so the finished product is very good. Its size is very suitable and precise, so it fits well on your hand. In addition, it handles the details very well. This Harley bike...Read More

  • Hip Hop Iced Out Rings

    Hip Hop Iced Out Rings

    The surface of this Hip Hop Iced Out Rings is set with sparkling meteorites and the surface is gold-plated, so it looks very cool on the outside. It is gorgeous but not ostentatious and has a tough atmosphere. It is a good representation of hip-hop love of freedom and...Read More