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When Did The Ring Originate
- Mar 17, 2018 -

When did the ring originate?

1. Origin: The Qin and Han Dynasties

In China, the use of rings has a history of at least 2,000 years. From a large number of documents, during the Qin and Han dynasties, Chinese women have generally used rings.

Rings were often called "rings" in ancient times, and the appearance of "rings" was a matter of the Yuan Dynasty.

The ring was passed to the people and its function was not only a simple ornament. Men and women love each other and give each other their gifts. It originated from practicality, then gradually turned to the unity of aesthetics and wealth, and gradually was given different cultural significance.

2. The emergence of the word "Ring": Yuan Dynasty

In the 3rd fold of Guan Hanqing's opera piece “Middle of the River in Wangjiang Pavilion” in the Yuan Dynasty was: “(Zhengdan cloud) This is a gold medal? You see me love me and I have a ring and a ring. What's there?” The word "ring".

The Korean book "Pu Tong Shi Jie Jie," which was preserved in the "Yongle Dian" book, contains the following words: "A little foreclosure. Twenty-two is not enough. In my house, I have another head and a Qibao Jiner. A pair of earrings, a pair of gold rings embedded in the cave, these six pieces of fifty-two silver, a total of two hundred silver, a code of a large house."

3. The word "ring" is widely used: after the Ming Dynasty

Until the Ming Dynasty, the name of the "ring" was more. The book “Chinese Ancient Costume Customs” said in the clothing of the Ming Dynasty: “As for the ring, it seems to be the thing after the Ming Dynasty.” Ming Wang’s “Three Talented Figures” also said: The emperor has merit, and each grants the gold ring to the present ring."


This kind of jewelry ring, after thousands of years of baptism of wind and rain, has now been generally accepted by people, and in modern life, plays a very big role. Or as a decoration, or as a token of marriage, or purely for riches. It is this common ornament that people do not seem to have studied much about it. It is only books that are seen in costumes and customs.


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