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What Is The Method Of Tying Red Rope With Pendant Pendant?
- Apr 21, 2018 -

What is the method of tying red rope with pendant pendant?

In the summer, the lanyards of pendants that are not detached all the year round may be old or dirty. Maybe you just want to change a lanyard with a novelty color. It is not difficult to buy a new matching rope, but how to tie the pendant pendant There is a headache for him. Unwittingly tied up into a big battle, it is neither beautiful nor solid.

1. Roast the rope and squeeze it to make it pass through the hole.

2. Pass the rope end through the pendant pendant hole.

3. According to personal preferences leave a suitable length of banding length such as 1 cm.

4. Open the rope end and make a knot around the other side.

5. Go to the other side and make a knot.

6. Reverse the knot again.

7. Such a positive and negative knot, until the length of the rope left. The end is treated with a lighter.

Finished, I hope this article is useful to everyone.


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