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What Does The Necklace Represent?
- May 16, 2018 -

There is a homophonic meaning. I'll give you a necklace. I want to be in love with you.

Two, have the meaning of the other party. To send a lover's chain is to bind the heart, not to be taken away by others.

Necklace is one of the adornment of human body, it is the jewelry that appears earliest. In addition to its decorative features, some of the necklaces have special features, such as Catholic cross chains and buddhist rosaries. Title people in order to beautify the human body itself, since also beautify the environment, manufacturing all kinds of different style, different characteristics, different style necklace, meet different color, different nationalities, different aesthetic view of people's aesthetic needs. Here, the style of necklace is introduced from two aspects: material and style. As for the material, the necklace in the jewelry market has gold, silver, jewelry and so on.

Among them, gold necklace is made of gold, 18K and 14K. Silver has 92.5% silver and silver gilt. It is used as a necklace for the jewelry of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, emeralds, natural pearls and other advanced materials, as well as agate, coral jade, ivory, cultured pearls, and other low-grade materials. Jewelry necklace is more decorative than gold and silver necklaces, and color changes are more abundant, especially among young and middle-aged people.

Fashion necklaces in the world are made of very common materials. Such as gold necklace, plastic, leather, glass, silk cord, wood, low melting gold and other necklaces, mainly to match fashion, emphasizing new, odd, beautiful and popular.

Wear necklace in style, color and accessories, the following points should be noted:

1. Pay attention to the style and the correct size.

The size of the necklace depends on the person, the neck is thick, the size is larger, and vice versa. The collar is high, the necklace size is not too long, otherwise the pendant is not suitable to wear a word collar wool sweater, can only wear necklace, unworthy to hang a piece; Wear a turtleneck and a turtleneck sweater, a sweater, and a necklace to wear outside the clothes.

2. The decoration effect should be considered.

If you want to wear the pendant on the necklace, it should not be too long and thick. If you only consider the beauty of the necklace, you should also pay attention to the style of the necklace and the matching of the style of the dress, some with a single string and some with multi-string.

3. Pay attention to different material matching effect.

Different material with different clothing styles that match will produce different effect, if in a red suit dress, deserve to go up a gold necklace, seem to be enthusiastic, suitable to attend the festival banquet, etc; If you wear a blue polyester georgette dress, with a silver necklace, it will appear gentle and cheerful, charming and charming. Sometimes in a tight sports dress, with a gold necklace, it will make you lighter and more lively. If you put on a pale green and white floral polyester georgette dress, with a silver pearl necklace, you will have a bright, cool smell. If you put on a white red bead chain, it will look more beautiful and attractive.