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What Does The Cross Necklace Mean? What Does The Girl With A Cross Necklace Represent
- Sep 15, 2018 -

What does the cross necklace mean? What does the girl with a cross necklace represent?

First, what does the cross necklace mean?

1. The first contact with the cross should be through the deeds of Jesus. Jesus is crucified for the sake of eliminating sin and suffering for mankind. It represents the unselfish love in Jesus' heart. It is described in one of our Chinese idioms, that is, to take the righteousness and symbolize freedom and liberation.

2, the cross is also a symbol of Christianity, with the meaning of faith, salvation.

3. In popular culture, the cross is synonymous with the trend. The men and women who wear the cross are eager to get happiness, good luck and the guardian of angels.

As shown in Figure 4, in the case of love, if a boy gives a girl a cross, it means that the boy can give everything to the girl, and only loves her one person in this life. If not, it will be punished by God. On the contrary, the girl is willing to pay the most holy love for the boy, only loves you one person in life, is a romantic love token, is a thing of love.

Second, 2017 gold cross necklace recommended

1, gold cross pendant (full gold)

This is a very simple gold cross necklace, the structure of a single line, seemingly simple but very eye-catching, very suitable for men who like the trend.

2, the golden flower of the oath of the cross gold pendant

This gold cross necklace, made up of four-leaf clover and cross, the overall effect is not so serious but with a gentle. The cross is wrapped in four-leaf clover, just as every girl is eager to be inclusive, very suitable for women to wear, as a necklace in the three gold is also a good choice.


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