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The Story Of Bracelets
- Sep 21, 2017 -

In the late era, the fact that people wear decorations has been proved by many unearthed objects in China and abroad. In the unearthed Uvelendorf Venus round, with its plump chest, buttocks disproportionately small wrist part, carved bracelets a class of decorative bracelet products. In the bone sculpture portrait unearthed in Isturiz, there are also ornaments resembling bracelets.

In the material unearthed in the Ukraine, it is useful to wear a beautiful bracelet with decorative patterns carved in mammoth ivory. In the Grimaldi unearthed in the Riviera, in addition to the bracelet made from the fish spine, it is also useful for making bracelets such as shells, oyster shells and animal teeth.

From this 6,000-year-old Banpo site, in Qufu, Shandong, the Neolithic site, etc., archaeologists have found Tau, Shi and other ancient ancestors used to decorate the wrist bracelet ring. From the kind of bracelet unearthed, there are animal bones, teeth, stones, pottery and so on. The shape of the bracelet is round tubular and annular, and there are two semicircular rings that flatten 20%.

Neolithic bracelets have a certain degree of decoration, not only the surface of the smooth grinding, and some also engraved on the surface of the bracelet some simple patterns.

Shang and the Warring States Period, the materials of bracelets are more jade. Whether it is the bracelet shape or jade color, all appear exceptionally rich. In addition to Jade, this period also appeared metal bracelets.