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The Origin Of The Ring
- Dec 08, 2018 -

The origin of the ring

The Skull ring is a private gift made by the German SS’s head, Himmler, in April 1934, which is different from the official medals and war medals formulated by the state. The special value is a symbol of the high evaluation of the party members. The ring is engraved with the Nordic characters and the enamel pattern, surrounded by the German national tree oak leaf pattern. The name of the winner and the date of grant are engraved on the inside. Made exclusively by Otto Gahr Gmbh of Munich, all done by hand.

The earliest batch of enamel rings was sent by the national leader of the SS, Himmler, as a Christmas gift in Christmas 1933. This is the long-standing consensus of the history of the Third Reich combined with the military collection industry. On September 13, 1936, Himmler announced that the ring was officially officially awarded as the official official of the SS. It’s reasonable to give a ring as a private gift, or a souvenir to someone else, but it’s a bit strange to be an official reward for taking it with you. There are two reasons for this: First, the wearing part is not conspicuous, it can not be worn on the chest, neck or arm like a medal to let others see it at a glance, and then awe. Second, the wearing part causes it to wear out quickly if it is worn frequently. This is known to everyone. However, the party committee must have an indication of how the national leader will choose such a decoration as an official reward.


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