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The Material Of The Bracelet
- Sep 21, 2017 -

Bracelets are generally used as jade or metal. Jade, and nephrite, agate, Nanyang Jade, Jade, Lan Tanyu, Tanglin Jade, cat eyes, Furong Jade, Afghan jade, white jade and other jade are processing bracelet materials, metal materials such as: gold, silver, alloy and so on.

Color: Jade connoisseur attaches great importance to color. Color is not only an important criterion to evaluate the quality of jade, but also the main basis of classifying jade species.

Hardness: Hardness is one of the important signs to identify Tarita. The hardness of the mineral is a mechanical property of the mineral to penetrate other objects. There are usually two kinds of hardness:

(1) Relative hardness, or and hardness, is a kind of scratch hardness.

(2) Absolute hardness, also called indentation hardness. is determined by the amount of weight that can be sustained on the surface of the mineral. The hardness of Tarita is 6.9 ~ 7.2, and the different varieties differ slightly. Generally white jade hardness slightly larger Yu Triyu. In the jewellery industry, hardness is generally regarded as an important symbol for dividing gems and Jade. Gem hardness is generally more than 7.3 degrees Fahrenheit, jade hardness generally in the $number. 2 degrees, Tarita hardness, good polishing, easy to save, with a certain collection value.

Density: The density is the weight of the Jade unit volume. The weight of Tarita was measured by a small body weight sample of 2.65 ~ 2.85. Slightly different varieties, white Jade is 2.85, Blue Jade is 2.65, Jade is 2.75.

Transparency: Transparency is the degree of visible light through the jade, which is mainly related to the absorption strength of jade, which is generally divided into transparent, translucent, micro-transparent, non-transparent, 4 kinds. Tarita belong to micro-transparent, in the general enterprising degree, can be through the light, but see through the object.

Luster: Luster is the ability of jade to reflect light. Tarita Luster is glass luster. This gloss is not strong is not weak, that is, there is no strong light of the crystal inspiration, there is no weak light of the wax texture, soft and delicate, oily can be Kam.