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The Cause Of The Broken Gold Necklace
- Sep 21, 2017 -

The main reasons for the breakage of the gold necklace are three kinds:

The reason for the gold jewelry itself. Gold is a soft precious metal, the higher the purity, the more easily deformed. The style of jewelry is more fashionable, some special style due to the structure of the reason, easy to cause the necklace on a number of points long-term deformation and fracture.

external factors. The maintenance of jewelry is a very important thing, the correct way is to do change clothes, bathing and other easy to hang the necklace before the thing, take off the necklace first.

Process factors. Some low-end brand jewelry manufacturing process, if the solder joint process is poor, the emergence of virtual welding and other problems, but also easily lead to broken necklace.