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The Casual Collocation Of Pearl Necklace.
- Feb 11, 2018 -

1. Short bead chain.

Pearl necklace is a timeless classic, not only for you in the workplace, but also in daily life. Short style necklace win in delicate, collocation small dress can interpret warm and elegant intellectual temperament. If you want to go shopping with your best friend, a simple pearl necklace with a knitwear can reveal an unusual taste and temperament.

2. Single-layer long bead chain.

A long, long pearl necklace, with a combination of casual clothes, a lively expression. No matter what hue, what kind of dress, a string of pearl bead chain hang on the bosom, shallow tonal and faint color, with uncanny mysterious charm, make the wearer more feminine feminine temperament. A clean and clear starting point of pearl life, in this bustling world, with aristocratic leisure time.

3. Double-layer bead chain

The combination of double-layer beads is very sophisticated, that is, the delicate elegance of the neck chain, and the atmosphere of long style beads. A long a short double bead chain is the leading role of the visual, whether it's sexy enchanting sense of urban or elegant noble lady, a double bead chain is for everyday wear add feminine woman flavour, convey the women deep enchanting temperament, women's elegant in dribs and drabs.

4. Multi-layer bead chain

Luxury multi-layer pearl necklace is not only for formal dress, contracted design is this year's fashion trend, the new lady style is luxurious and eye-catching. Different length, design different beads let bosom more luxuriant, no matter the classical collocation double-breasted trench coat or cloth coat, even the thick fur, multilayer beads can easily manage, make clear hierarchy, modelling elegant and not the stiff wind image. The pearl of the feminine charm is in the bosom, the visual impact that is full of costly feeling is very fresh.

Who does not love the elegant noble and the clever and lovely pearl? It's time to say goodbye to the old idea, to say goodbye to a single tablet, and to bring you a new and beautiful surprise.