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Teach You How To Pick The Right Necklace Length.
- Jan 27, 2018 -

Teach you how to pick the right necklace length.

In general, a necklace is a chain of any type or length made of precious metals or precious stones. Necklaces are also pendant style, for a single jewelry, pearl or trinket, usually hanging in the chain. Pearl chain is a long chain of pearls tightly together.

Metal chain

The chain can be paired with anything. High platinum chain length of the chain to add bright light. Consider giving her a 18-inch 925 sterling silver or 18k gold chain, so that her wardrobe add to the dazzling elements.


Necklace styles vary, including heavier chain ﹑ ring and trim. Some necklaces have a fixed set of diamonds or gems, while other necklaces have the same length of necklace. Pendants have ornaments or jewelry hanging from the chain.

Pearl chain

Pearl chain is an essential element in women's jewelry. She can wear pearl chain lining on the skirt, so that the instrument is elegant.

Single stone pendant

The simple design of a single stone pendant allows all the attention to be focused on a beautiful diamond, pearl or gem. These outdated jewelry can be fitted with a skirt or jeans. Our own diamond pendant feature lets you choose from diamonds and tessellation to create a unique piece of jewelry.

Pick the right length

When choosing a necklace or pendant, consider the length, which will determine where it is placed on her chest.

16 inches collar length:

Just above the clavicle. Highlight her collar.

18 inches princess length:

Suspended in the collarbone. The most common length.

24 inches Features Bead chains:

Above the women's blouse or skirt. Attractive length.

Buyer tips

In the Kelan diamond, when we measure the length of the necklace is based on the distance between the two ends, the buckle is also included.

Necklace and pendant as a gift

Many women wear synthetic pearls from the start, so a freshwater pearl chain is a good gift for young women. For special moments such as birthday or first anniversary, consider a pearl or diamond single pendant.

If it is a happy moment such as a holiday or a promotion, consider a pendant with 18k yellow gold, platinum or 925 sterling silver trinkets, all of which are delightful fashion jewelery.


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