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Necklace Wearing Method
- Sep 21, 2017 -

Wear necklaces and their age and body shape. As long as the neck slender lady wearing imitation silk chain, more exquisite and charming, whip chain thick mature, suitable for older women to choose. Wearing a necklace should also correspond to clothing. For example: Wearing a soft, elegant silk dress skirt, it is appropriate to wear exquisite, delicate necklace, appear charming and moving, wear monochrome or plain clothing, it is appropriate to wear bright color necklace. In this way, in jewelry ornament, clothing color can appear rich, active.

Wearing necklaces in the style, color and apparel matching, to pay attention to the following points:

should pay attention to the style of the right, accurate size.

Necklace size depends on the person, neck thick, larger size, and conversely smaller. High collar, necklace size should not be too long, otherwise the pendant should not be exposed to wear a word collar sweater, can only wear a necklace, not worthy of hanging pieces, wearing three lapels and turtleneck sweater, sweater, necklace to wear outside the clothes, hanging pieces to avoid the burr, lest friction with each other.