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Necklace Material Selected What Good?
- Jan 27, 2018 -

Necklace material selected what good?

1. Gold and silver necklace is the main variety in the necklace. Now common gold necklace has 24k, 18k, 14k kinds. Silver necklace 92.5% silver and silver two kinds of silver. As for the style, gold and silver necklaces are also very stylish, affordable, but easy to fade gold and silver, so the purchase of gold and silver necklace material must pay attention to good care. 2. Jewelry necklace with gold and silver necklace, the decorative effect is more intense, more colorful changes. Jewelry used for necklaces are generally diamonds, pearls, ivory, agate, coral, turquoise and so on. 3. Imitation gold necklace using materials from copper, zinc, aluminum and plastics and other non-metallic. With many styles, new shape, low price. 4, platinum necklace necklace With its generous, compact, warm and romantic and poured a large number of women. With platinum curved, coiled, forming a variety of styles, endless fun style, the overall simple, elegant, elegant show-based, models are revealed female delicacy, elegant, intelligent sentiment. Aesthetic experts said the platinum necklace simple shape and simple white easy to mix with all kinds of clothing, whether it is graceful evening gown casual casual T-shirt, jeans, pure bright platinum are the crowning touch of the entire clothing. And not easy to deformation, not easy to damage. The more pure the more expensive price.


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