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How To Wear A Necklace Correctly
- Apr 21, 2018 -

How to wear a necklace correctly

Jewelry, necklaces, rings, and earrings are called three big parts, because the location is the most obvious place in the body. So wear a necklace, you must pay attention to style, size, so that you can highlight the temperament of the wearer, let's talk about how to properly wear the necklace below.

1. Women wear necklaces are mainly to increase the beauty and temperament of youth, so it is best to wear some of the finer non-precious stones necklace, will give people a feeling of slim and beautiful, middle-aged women, suitable for wearing some of the necklace, in addition to the body can be decorated The United States is more elegant and luxurious.

2. The short necklace can make the neck thicker and the face becomes wider. If the female's neck is slender, you can wear multiple strings to achieve the effect of neck thickening. Square face, short neck and new women, can wear slender necklace, with a larger collar, the first point of the top, so that the neck is fully exposed, can make the neck slender.

3. Slender body, light body of women, suitable for wearing pendants, smaller, more slender necklaces. Women with rich body styles are suitable for wearing necklaces with slightly lighter colors and larger gem particles, which will appear more coordinated.


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