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How To Make A Pendant Necklace
- Sep 15, 2018 -

How to make a pendant necklace

Here I want to share with you the simple method of making necklace pendants. The children can try to make them themselves. Just prepare some materials in advance, buy a necklace pendant metal shell in advance, and then paste all kinds of small things on it. It can be done easily, so you can get a special pendant that is truly your own.

People need to prepare some materials in advance, such as necklace pendant shells, shells, mica and small stones, etc., put some glue in the pendant shell, and then paste the prepared shells, mica and small stones in advance. And designed a beautiful shape.

Put some glue in the gap between the shell stones to fix them together, and finally match a gold-colored chain, so that a beautiful necklace is finished. You can try to wear a necklace pendant to see if it is very Beautiful and suitable, this is the first time to make a necklace pendant, do you have a very excited feeling.


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