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How To Buy Necklace And Pendant?
- Jan 15, 2018 -

1. The ovoid is basically unrestricted, suitable for any shape of necklace, only attention to the texture of the clothes, the pattern matching will be ok.

People with round faces have to choose a necklace with an elongated face. They are better suited to long necklaces or t-shaped necklaces. Never choose a thick chain or short necklace. Also do not wear large jewels or pearls.

Oval faces are more suitable for thick necklaces. Because a thick necklace makes the length of the oval face look shorter.

A heart-shaped face with a thick necklace is also nice, or you can opt for a pearl necklace.

The diamond-shaped face is similar to the oval shape, but it is more angular and can be worn with any shape of the necklace, as long as it matches the body of the bride.

A square face needs to be lengthened and softened by a necklace, so you can use a T shape or a simple pearl necklace.

A rectangular face needs a wider feel, so it's appropriate to wear a short necklace.

A triangular face is similar to a heart-shaped face, but is more angular. Choose a more eye-catching necklace or opt for a softer line to soften the edges of your face. You can't wear a necklace with a sharp end.