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How Long Is The Pendant Necklace?
- Jan 15, 2018 -

The necklace is worn for a long time and can be selected according to the neck characteristics.

1, slender neck of women: this kind of person is not suitable for wearing slender has hang pendant necklace, if you choose a long necklace, can make the slender neck impression more apparent, choose a shorter necklace, collar or coarse shaped necklace effect is better.

2. Women with square faces: if they wear a beautiful necklace with round beads, they can reduce the square feeling of the face. Do not choose diamond and square necklace, lest affect visual effect.

3, the female of round face shape: this kind of person is not suitable to wear collar or the thick necklace that is made by round bead, excessive round line gives a person visual impression is lack of stereo feeling. A person with a round face can change the visual effect by hanging a long necklace or pendant necklace, using a "v" shape formed by the necklace.

4. Thin and thin women: it is better not to choose black necklace, choose a necklace with light color and a certain luster to enhance the fullness and vitality of the face.

5. Long-faced women: this kind of body is not suitable for wearing long and thin necklaces or necklace with pendant, because the long arc formed after the pendant is easy to deepen the impression of long face. Broken and thick necklaces, collars, or necklaces are suitable for long faces.

6. Women with short necks: this type of body tends to lack a strong feeling. If you choose a shorter necklace, it will make the neck appear thicker and shorter. While wearing slender necklace with pendant necklace, relying on the necklace "v" shape of the line is caused by the visual direction has the feeling of prolapse, feeling stretched the line of the neck, to achieve the visual effect of the neck, make up for the deficiency of the form.

The length of the necklace actually has an international name and standard. Thirty-six centimeters we call it a short necklace. Forty centimeters is a graduation necklace. 42cm: princess necklace, 54 cm: morning wear necklace, 71 cm: dress necklace, longer points are 107 cm and 142 cm long necklace and super long necklace. Necklaces of 40 to 42 centimeters are the most common.

The necklace is worn for a long time, but this is just a general standard, and everyone should adjust the length of the necklace according to their clothes and body size.