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Fashion Necklace With Pictures Teach You To Transform Into A Street Punk Queen
- Feb 13, 2019 -

Fashion necklace with pictures teach you to transform into a street punk queen

Fashionable necklace decorations have always been one of MM's accessories and accessories. If you want to build a street punk style, what are the matching skills? Let’s take a look at the necklaces and pictures that the stars have shown.

Double metal necklace

Korea's super-popular girlhood era has always been the vane of the Korean fashion circle. The costume style of this new single "Catch Me If You Can" focuses on the sexy street style of the younger members, and the dance machine is worn by Xiaoyuan. This two-layer metal necklace looks heavy and looks like a hole-breaking T-shirt and camouflage pants.

Mint crystal necklace

The lovely fresh mint color can also be used to create a sweet punk style, which matches the rainbow-like hair color. This ice cream color matching is very suitable for fashionable and sweet MM, whether it is Europe, America, Japanese, Korean style are very good match.

Big pearl necklace

Former girlhood member Jessica Jessica is very eye-catching in the fashion dress of the rare single "I Got A Boy." The decorative large pearl necklace perfectly transforms the original elegant style into the feeling of street punk. With denim vest and leopard hat, the color is rich and colorful, and the shape is very bright.


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