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About Necklace Collocation
- Sep 21, 2017 -

The variety of necklaces, modelling rich, with strong decorative. The proper wear of all kinds of necklaces can play a very good role in the modification

With。 When wearing necklaces, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) Necklace and clothing

Wear necklaces and clothing to achieve harmony and echoes. such as: When wearing a soft, elegant silk dress, wearing exquisite, delicate necklace, looks more beautiful and moving.

(2) Necklace and clothing color

The color of the necklace should be contrasted with the color of the garment, so as to make a sharp contrast. such as: monochrome or plain clothing, wearing bright color necklace, can make jewelry more eye-catching, jewelry ornament, clothing color also appears rich. Colorful clothing, wearing simple and simple necklace, will not be gorgeous clothing color drowned, and can make the color of clothing to create a sense of balance.

(3) Several kinds of jewelry to coordinate with each other

The necklace should be worn with the same color, earrings or bracelets of the same texture, so that you can get the best results. If the jacket collar is two often dozen into a bow-style, it is best not to wear a necklace, otherwise there will be a sense of redundancy. Wearing a necklace, but also notice that the necklace is called the junction ring switch, this switch is equipped with wire-type uranium spring, when it is not appropriate to force too strong, to prevent spring break.