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How to identify pearl necklace true and false?
- Feb 08, 2018 -

Pearl jewelry has become the trend of the new century, and only women who know how to wear real pearls have taste and temperament. However, there are also many fake and inferior pearls on the market, so how to identify a pearl necklace true and false?

A fake pearl necklace may be worth only a dozen bucks, and a real pearl chain is dozens or even hundreds of times more valuable. True pearl has the spirit of false pearl! Now, the production of fake bead technology is getting higher and higher, so it is a great concern for consumers to identify the pearl necklace.

Online identification methods emerge in endlessly, "10 times the magnifying glass observation", "falling glass bounce method", "teeth", "fire law" pearl beauty looked at in distress situation, small make up speechless shook his head, which households have a microscope? Who really dares to drop the beautiful pearl on the ground, with teeth, with fire? Too often the fire will destroy the structure of the pearl layer. These so-called "brick home" distinguishing method can be really not strong, the general consumer is difficult to carry out.

How to identify the true and false pearl necklace? The pearl beauty editor teaches you some of the most practical, simple, ordinary people can operate the method.

1, friction law: because really really pearl 】  pearl ingredients are mainly calcium carbonate, its structure is the concentric circles crystalline layered imbricated structure, thus friction with one another in two pearls, acerbity feeling is really rough, sand pearls; In a quiet environment, friction on the ear, to hear very slight friction Sha Sha sound (freshwater pearls, in general, the friction feeling was stronger than the seawater pearls, seawater pearls friction feeling are faint). Attention: the friction is gentle and gentle, can grind the pearl powder slightly, but not too excessive force, after the professional clean flannels gently wipe, leaving no trace.

(imitation beads/false beads) are used in plastic film coating for round nuclei of plastic round nuclei, waxy glass or shells. Or coated with a pearlescent varnish. There are many types of ingredients of this kind of liquid, and improve year by year, in the past with scales of extracted substances from guanine, make it dissolved in or suspended in liquid nitrocellulose, after improvement with aluminium carbonate crystals. Because it is still the essence of the coating, the imbricated structure of the non-real zhen, therefore, the two false beads are skidding each other, feeling very greasy and without sand. It can be said that this is the commonness of all the false beads, the false bead cannot grind out the sand feeling or the powder, use this method to judge very professional to use, and also will not destroy the pearl itself.

Note: seawater pearls should be identified by professional appraisal agencies and not recommended. Sorry for the damage...

2. Intuitive method: [real pearl] has a natural color that is emitted from the inside out. Not completely the same two pearls in the world, in a nice necklace, often color matching are unified, but even the size of the color matching on reunification, look at the size, shape or color or skin flaws, will always find a bit a little bit inconsistent. Surface flaws are generally can see with the naked eye or growth texture (except for rare and immaculate level Tahiti pearls, nanyang pearl almost invisible to the naked eye defects), because they are natural products, could not like die casting machine out of absolute standardization;

The size and shape of the beads are in the same shape. They are usually round, and the color or color is dull and uniform. Often the surface is like a mirror-like reflection. However, the above mentioned points, the high quality pearl necklace, as long as the carefully matched, often seems to be shape, the color is basically consistent, the luster is strong and has the mirror effect. Therefore, pearl beauty that intuitive method is very sufficient vision and experience are needed to identify, if you also think fake pearl luster is no iridescence, surface is perfect, then it is already out! In fact, with pearl luster paint coating process has certain deceptive, carefully identify, some false bead besides ecru, could also see some coatings show iridescence, some false bead even with lathe, make the surface flaws caused some similar natural pearl and texture. So how do you break through the visual discrimination? Because the fake beads are coated with a coating of paint, it looks more oily than real pearls, and the concept of oil light may not be well understood by consumers who have been exposed to it. You can look at this method, carefully observed under the place with enough light, often can see the glossy surface acicular flaws, very subtle, but will find that almost cover the whole surface, it is because of coating painted on uneven, the coating structure and the formation of pearls structure is different, only professional judgment from this point, looks very "false". The real pearl, in addition to its imperfections, is not so much of a fine needle. So, those who use machine pressure the bead defects are also not so fake beads if defective, not as terrible bad tell consumers think, it is often best to distinguish, the drawbacks of pearls bump scratch etc, are generally natural transition and a smooth feeling. And the defect of false bead, often easy to crinkle, turn over or be the indentation that is jagged, can see is machine to come out. Therefore, do not think that flawed false beads are good deceitful, often is false bead oneself "flaw" sell oneself.

[real pearl] for pearl necklace, you can observe the pearl hole, the pearl bead hole is smooth and the boundary is clear.

Imitation pearl/fake pearl 】  the outer are based on the pearl liquid paint or plastic fumo, thus for imitation beads, observing the micropyle is difficult to get away with it the judgment of the eyes, imitation pearl punch, are easy to cause the micropyle is not flat, see uneven, such as wrinkling, or damaged. This method is also a unique skill.

3. Hand feeling method :(in the case of comparison, it is possible to consider the combination of this method, which is affected by cold and hot weather, personal temperature, etc.).

[real pearl] hands feel good and cool;

[imitation pearl/false pearl] feel relatively cool and greasy.

As long as you master the above methods to distinguish pearl necklace, fake pearl will not escape your eyes!

Finally, pearl beauty to teach you one of the most important, that's when pearl of choose and buy, be sure to buy brand manufacturers or suppliers, and can provide the jewelry appraisal certificate authority, you can recheck, also save time, buy fake beads will not be cheated.