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When the bracelet originated
- Mar 03, 2018 -

When the bracelet originated

A kind of jewelry, worn on the wrist area of the chain, mostly made of metal, especially silver, but also ore, crystal and other systems. Different from bracelets and bracelets, bracelets are chain-like. In general, the bracelet is worn on the right hand while the left hand is used to wear the watch. As for the small gravel, small animal bones or beasts hanging on the neck, waist or wrists, in addition to the earliest human unconscious decorative behavior, the real function may still be to count or memoir needs.

On the one hand, the more a person wears and the more "jewelry," the more likely he is to wear more and more expensive jewelry. In fact, these brave people often like to use some bright and easy to identify the body decorated on the body, such as beautiful feathers, beasts teeth, rare shells and even the precious "stone" (jade) as a symbol of the symbol, To show off, show off their strength and authority. Plekhanov, in "On Art," said: "These things were originally only worn as brave, dexterous and forceful marks, but only later, and precisely because they were brave, dexterous and forceful, they started to cause The aesthetic feeling falls into the scope of decorations. "

Third, is a kind of totem worship. The sun and the moon, the thunderstorm, these are all ordinary natural phenomena; but in the primitive view, these things have some magical power. Primitive man and nature get along day and night, and the sun, the moon, the stars, rivers and flying beasts dependency, they are very worship these nature gave them the survival of the material. As time passes, this material is deeply imprinted in their minds and becomes a magical totem. Their right-hand man regards it as their ancestor or patron saint, or worships it as a blood relative of this clan and this tribe. In the beginning, humans had assimilated themselves to these totems in order for these totems to protect themselves. Slowly, people have incorporated these totems into their jewelry, making their jewelry the image or shape of these totems, such as the sun, moon-shaped circular bangles and rings; bird-shaped crowns, hair strands, etc. Wait.

Fourth, as a talisman. Engels pointed out: "In ancient times, people still had no idea of their own body structure and were influenced by the dream scene. Therefore, they came up with the idea that their thinking and feeling are not the activities of their bodies, but a unique , In the body and leave the body's soul at the time of death. "The primitives believed that all things have souls, and that the soul has good and evil points, and that the good and the spirit bring happiness and joy to mankind, on the contrary Disasters and diseases are evil spirits. In order to keep those evil spirits from being close to each other and protected by good spirits, the primitives worn shells, gravel, feathers, animal teeth, leaves and fruits on the rope, believing that they had a The supernatural force invisible to the human eye can be blessed with the help of others, and evil will be driven away. These functions of reducing protection and exorcism later became a kind of special jewelry on the human body in the shape of some kind of ornament. Moreover, this custom and significance have also been preserved, and jewelry has also been given more beautiful sustenance and mysterious color.


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