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How to choose the length of pearl necklace?
- Feb 08, 2018 -

As a kind of mainstream fashion accessory, pearl necklace has been loved by people for a long time because of its elegant, natural and reserved style.

There are many kinds of pearl necklaces, which can be divided into different types according to the length:

1. Collar (Collar) necklace - length: the length of this necklace is about 30 cm shorter, long face people suitable to wear this necklace, it can make the face appear more perfect, so as to produce good results in terms of visual. This necklace is a typical way of wearing a necklace at the same time to wear (pictured above), have a kind of classical beauty, with a v-neck or off-the-shoulder evening clothes collocation can produce good adornment effect.

2. Short necklace (Choker) - length: 41 cm this necklace is the most popular, most classic type, almost everyone is suitable for wearing the length of the necklace, the domestic many jewelry manufacturers are also the length of the necklace as a standard product. This kind of necklace is suitable to match with all sorts of dress almost, suit to wear on a variety of occasions, include daily life, work, party, make the wearer appear elegant, dignified, natural.

3. Priness necklace - length: 45-48cm round face and short neck women are suitable for wearing this necklace, which can make the face and neck appear more symmetrical. This kind of necklace is suitable to match with the dress of tall collar, if collocation is pendant, also have very good effect.

4. Matinee necklace -- length: 50-58cm, which is also suitable for women with round face and short neck, can have a better visual effect. It can be worn in casual or business activities, such as casual wear, professional dress and long skirt.

5. Opera necklace - length: 70-90cm around the face of a four-square-shaped person wearing this necklace can help improve visual effects. This kind of necklace is appropriate tie-in formal dress, also can tie-in casual outfit, can make a person to produce very good administrative levels feeling on the vision. Specific there are many means to wear: can tie up a ring wear, also can put two laps as collar necklace, classic beauty effect, and can also be formed in a sleeveless top or chest to play a knot fancy necklace, make the wearer look lovely.

6. Rope necklaces - length: 120cm and above are also suitable for people with four face shapes. There are a variety of options as well as opera necklaces. Famous fashion designer chanel loved the necklace very much.