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What is the significance of wearing a bracelet
- Mar 03, 2018 -

What is the significance of wearing a bracelet?

Bracelet is an upgraded version of the bracelet, compared with the bracelet is lively and agile. According to the material, the bracelet can be divided into metal bracelets, ore bracelets and crystal bracelets. Most people are accustomed to the bracelet worn on the right hand, free left hand to wear a watch. In fact, the general material of the bracelet wearing method does not have a fixed pattern, you can wear on the left hand can wear on the right hand. However, the wearing of crystal bracelet is different, with special requirements.

Crystal in ancient China has also been called: water, water, water jade, is a very magical mineral. Legend has a strong magnetic field within the crystal, can absorb and release a variety of energy, so some people believe that wearing crystal ornaments can improve the human environment around the magnetic field, to transport the results. Crystal bracelets are also very popular with people.

Crystal bracelet wearing law with the ordinary bracelet wearing the same? No, crystal wear "pay attention to the right" principle. According to the crystal itself is to attract energy or release energy, it can be divided into two types: Absorption crystal and projection crystal. "Left into the right out" means to wear the crystal bracelet wear law is worn on the left hand, while the law of projection crystal wear is worn on the right hand.

Which crystals belong to the adsorption crystal, which belongs to the projection crystal? Like amethyst, chalcedony, fluorite, moonstone, olivine, powdered crystal, aquamarine, Shuxu to stone, white or transparent calcite, lapis lazuli, peacock Stone belongs to the former, made of bracelets should be worn on the left hand; Amber, Ametrine, White Crystal, Citrine, Garnet, Hair Crystal, Tiger Eye, Green ghost tourmaline, Rhodochrosite, Onyx, Golden calcite, black onyx, topaz, obsidian belongs to the latter, made of bracelets should be worn on the right hand.

On the wearing of crystal bracelet, there are people who ask: Can I wear several different crystal bracelets at the same time? Under normal circumstances it is possible, but also be careful not to be inverted, it is best not to wear the color g crystal bracelet Together, otherwise it will cause energy offset. Such as red and blue, yellow and purple, orange and blue-purple, yellow and white, the crystal of these colors is best not to wear at the same time.


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