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What is the meaning of the cross necklace
- Sep 15, 2018 -

What is the meaning of the cross necklace?

As everyone knows, Jesus was betrayed by traitors and crucified and crucified. As a cruel torture device, the cross is often used to punish those who are wicked and unforgivable. Maybe people at that time want to break their heads and don't think that the cross can be inextricably linked to the necklace!

According to ancient records, the cross was recognized as a symbol of the sun god in Babylon, a symbolic pattern, and can be combined with the circle to form the sun wheel. Not only that, but the cross is also a symbol of the continuation of life, similar to human reproduction. In general, the vertical bars of the cross suggest men, and the horizontal bars suggest women.

In modern society, in addition to the fact that Christians will wear crosses, more and more people are not only limited to this range. In order to pursue fashion and beauty, and to enhance the matching effect of clothing, they often have simple shapes and smooth lines. The cross necklace is used as an ornament.

Necklaces are not just women's pursuit of beautiful exclusive products, many men also began to pay attention to the beauty and texture brought by the necklace. Many boys believe that wearing accessories such as cross necklaces can add extra points to their overall clothing, adding to the charisma that appeals to others.

In addition to fashion aesthetics, what is the special meaning of wearing a cross necklace? From the initial meaning of torture, to the punishment of crime, to the Christian faith, to express the blessings and blessings of Jesus, also the symbolic meaning of the Babylonian sun god, indicating the protection and blessing of God. There are different opinions about this answer.

With the wider field of jewelry creation and design, the meaning of the cross necklace is generally recognized as happiness, luck, guardian and so on. In general, the necklace represents a loyal love, and the cross represents a holy Jesus. The combination of the two is a commitment of men and women to live together for the rest of their lives.

However, depending on the object being delivered, the meaning of the cross will be slightly different. If a man is the subject of giving, and a woman as a subject of giving, it means that the male is willing to express his willingness to give it all, to dedicate his life, and to protect one person. If the object is the opposite, it is the pure love that the woman expresses to the man and the heart is not separated. Commitment, commitment to life, if you repent, God will condemn it.

Cross necklaces can be seen everywhere, with both stylish aesthetics and beautiful meanings, making it the first choice for many people's jewelry choices.


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