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What are the wearing techniques of gold and silver necklaces?
- Apr 21, 2018 -

What are the wearing techniques of gold and silver necklaces?

Wearing bright jewellery will make you graceful and attractive. Necklaces are the main varieties of jewelry. Men, women and children can wear them, especially girls.

1. Necklaces are one of the best-selling varieties on the market today. They have smaller diameters, so they are more suitable for people with slender necks. The decorative effect is slim, soft, and small and exquisite. There are 18K and 24K, making the wearer graceful and graceful. Loved by people.

2. These are all necklaces with complex processing techniques. They are characterized by a strong sense of three-dimensionality and elegant appearance. Young women wear even more colors.

3. This is a new style of development in recent years. Its style has changed rapidly and it is most welcomed by young people. Fancy chain by the way chain and whip chain combination, delicate pattern composition, but also a rough body with a chain of flowers decorated with a variety of embellishment and jewelry are also combined with jewelry, precious, especially noble.


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