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The tie-in skill of necklace.
- Feb 15, 2018 -

The truly exquisite woman, in the choice of accessories also very exquisite. Can match the woman, choose pair of necklace, also can be oneself of dress mark!

First of all: how to judge the length of the necklace, different necklace how to match clothes!


The first type: the necklace is the original style of the necklace. The length is 12~13 inches and the length of 30~33cm is called short necklace.

Note: a slightly rough-necked partner is not fit to wear. Like the Japanese harajuku, the girl with ancient ways can try! Can add cent!

The second type: the short necklace (the collarbone chain) is 14 to 16 inches long, or 35~40cm, which is called a "short necklace".

Note: the length of the necklace falls just below the clavicle, which is circular, which makes the woman more delicate and feminine. Everyday life and dinner can be worn!

The third kind: princess type necklace: length is 17-19 inches, namely 43~48cm, call "princess type necklace", this kind of style can decorate small V face.

Note: princess type necklace is very suitable for early summer and early autumn, can be worn with low collar and exaggerated neckline, since can decorate the face shape, also has the European and American big name style!

The fourth type: the martini necklace: 20-24 inches in length, or 50 to 60cm, called the "martini necklace". This kind of necklace can elongate and enhance the aura.

Note: the length of the top of the chest is very suitable for the shorter length of the neck.

The fifth: opera necklaces. The length is 28 to 34 inches, which is 71~86cm, which is called "opera necklace".

Note: it can be worn over a collar or chest, and the retro element is becoming a fashion. Of course, it can also be worn with different lengths of necklace, and the return rate is very high!

The sixth kind: knot rope necklace. The length is more than 45 inches, or 114cm, which is called a "knot necklace". This style individuality & elegant two not mistake!

Note: the length is right in our belly button position, elegant and sexy long necklace is suitable for wearing to attend various dinner. Today's fashionistas also choose their exaggerated lengths to match their personalities.

All in all, to be a delicate woman, you should pay attention to every detail, and the following mistakes should not be overlooked.