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The difference between necklace and pendant
- Jan 24, 2018 -

The difference between necklace and pendant

Necklaces and pendants are the favorite jewelry for most women. Almost every occasion of the lack of necklace and pendant with. But many female friends still do not know the difference between necklace and pendant. Xiao Bian today and female friends, said the difference between the necklace and pendant and contact.


Pendant is worn on the neck of a prominent body. Common pendants are diamond pendants, tourmaline pendants, pearl pendants and crystal pendants and amber pendants. Pendants usually do not exist alone, usually with a rope or metal chain worn on the neck. Platinum and k gold are the most popular and popular metal materials.


Necklaces are chain-shaped pieces of jewelry hanging around the neck made of various metals and jewels. Common necklace with gold necklace, pearl necklace and platinum necklace and so on. Different from the pendant necklace, necklace can be worn directly on the neck, is a separate piece of jewelry. The pendant must be matched with a rope or metal chain.

Although the pendants and necklaces are two different concepts, they are closely linked. Pendants can be collocated with the necklace, composed of unique pendant necklace jewelry. For example, platinum necklace and diamond pendant with the moment is the most perfect, stylish and popular combination.


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