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Necklace pendants how to choose
- Jan 27, 2018 -

Necklace pendants how to choose

The necklace can be any type of chain or precious metal or gem, but a pendant is a single piece of jewelry, pearl or charms. A pearl chain usually consists of a string of pearls.

1, metal chain

Necklace can match anything. A refined platinum necklace with a throttle length will make her neck curve more prominent. Of course, you might also consider giving her a 18-inch, sterling silver or 18k gold necklace, which will make her look more elegant and elegant.

2, pendants

Pendant she is able to wear either evening dress or jeans jewelry, a simple design gem pendant, whether pearl or diamond pendants can make her the focus.

3, three stone pendants

Three stone pendants are so gorgeous, diamonds sparkling Guanghua women's high contrast most vividly.

Chain type

Choose the right length

When you want to buy a necklace or pendant, consider how long the necklace reaches her chest. Remember that the longer necklace emphasizes the charm of its chest, while the shorter necklace highlights the beauty of its neck curve.

Throttle length of 40 cm: just above the collarbone. Focus on the neck curve.

44 cm Princess length: just hanging over the collarbone. The most common length.

Necklace, pendant gift

Many ladies like to wear pearl necklaces to attend various occasions. Therefore, pearl string for a young lady is a very good gift. If you want to attend a special occasion such as a birthday party or the first wedding anniversary, you may want to consider pearl pendants or pendants. For special occasions such as a five-year or a ten-year anniversary, you can choose the Ouja pearl, which is the most beautiful white pearl. She will think of you whenever she wears this gift.

If you want to buy a gift to celebrate a rise or holiday, consider choosing a pendant in 18k yellow gold, platinum or sterling silver - these are more stylish gifts.


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