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Necklace Collar Collocation Tips
- Sep 21, 2017 -

V-word collar This is a flattering style, the neckline line is very concise and crisp. Suitable for wearing more modern and stylish necklaces, pendants hanging in the neck and neckline in the middle of the position is more appropriate. Be careful not to let the pendant be covered by clothing or tightly attached to the throat.

High collar in terms of daily wear, necklace wearing on the Gao collar above exaggerated suspicion. But compared to the neck of the thin collar, can be in the periphery of the collar with a round necklace, so that the line coordination and unity.

Small lapels wear small lapel clothing if the necklace is too short, the original openings on the very small clothes will make people feel more crowded; the necklace is too long and will be covered by clothes. So let the necklace length to the collar to the middle of the opening of the appropriate position.

A slightly looser collar with a simple necklace works better. Should choose to cross the neckline line necklace, this will look very beautiful, and if the necklace too long, will and collar did not echo, and lose due effect.

Complex collar wearing a complex structure of the neckline clothing, to choose a bit of the necklace, so that the exposed skin to achieve a certain balance. If the selected necklace is too meticulous, the texture is insufficient and the neck will look empty.

Small neck can match a little longer necklace, let the necklace pendant hanging under the collar, this time, the color of the necklace and the color of the dress contrast a little, you can highlight the focus.

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