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How to wear necklaces do not conflict with the skin
- Jan 27, 2018 -

How to wear necklaces do not conflict with the skin

How to wear necklaces before conflict with the skin Wear metal jewelry can easily lead to skin allergies, causing skin damage, which has been introduced. In fact, jewelry damage to the body of which the most prominent double-necklace.

According to a survey of scientists confirmed that the extent of jewelry damage to the body, and wear parts of the skin thickness. The skin of the neck is much thinner than the skin of the hand, so the skin damage caused by the wearing of the necklaces is more than that of the hand skin caused by wearing the rings. If you wear the jewelry itself can be more radioactive, and wear thin and sensitive skin, it is easy to induce skin cancer.

Generally wear necklaces should pay attention to wear not too long time to make the neck often in a good relaxed state of rest, once encountered in the neck skin allergies, you should immediately under the necklace , so as to protect the beauty of the skin.


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