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How big is the pearl necklace? Pearl necklace size selection technique.
- Feb 08, 2018 -

Although pearl is not as bright as diamond, but it brings the feminine beauty and nobility is not to be underestimated! The pearl necklace, with its mysterious and elegant concentration, is known for its charm. How big is the pearl necklace? Is there any skill in choosing a pearl necklace?

How big is the pearl necklace? First, we need to know about the size of the pearl.

The size of the pearl is generally expressed in diameter, measured in millimeters (mm). Small pearls can be less than 1mm in diameter, and large nanyang pearls can be more than 20mm in diameter. The larger the pearl, the more difficult it is to cultivate, the more rare the quantity is, and the price tends to increase exponentially.

In fact, the size of the businesses that consumers usually see on the Internet or in shopping malls is not the size of the industry. The actual size of the standard 8-9mm is 7.5-8.5, and the actual size of the standard 9-10mm is 8.5-9.5, 10-11, 11-12, and so on. It is worth noting that the size of pearl jewelry of the pearl beauty YESPEARL is the true size of the pearl, not the size of the industry. If any doubt can be measured by caliper!

Due to the natural growth of pearls don't have the same size, high quality of pearls on the market at present are all in accordance with the larger among, two sides gradually smaller, generally between 0.5 1 mm difference before and after the international standard string collation. Take the pearl necklace of 8.5-9.5 as an example, the middle number is close to 9.5 or so, and the pearl grain will be slightly reduced to both ends, and the size of both ends is close to 8.5.

Take the pearl necklace of 43cm as an example. The following Suggestions are available for consumer reference.

6.5-7.5mm, about 53-58, the size is relatively elegant, very suitable for young or to like the mm.

7.5-8.5mm and 8.5-9.5mm about 43-47, the size is relatively moderate, the price is relatively affordable, the most people buy.

9.5-10.5mm, about 42-45, more obvious atmosphere, like a lot of people, of course the price comparison is slightly higher.

10.5-11.5mm, about 38-40. The bead is large, the effect is obvious, but because the production is small, the price is relatively high.

11.5-12.5mm, about 33. The bead is very big, wear very luxurious atmosphere, suit the mature woman above 30 years old!

12.5-13.5mm, about 30 pieces, this size of pearl is very rare, can be used as collectibles, wearing very atmospheric fashion.


How big is the pearl necklace? Pearl necklace size selection technique.

Generally speaking, the so-called "seven divided into beads, be eight treasure", generally under 6 mm pearls are not included in the category of pearl jewelry level, 7-9 mm, big pearl appear your yong, pearl is comely purity of medium. Generally speaking, the pearl of 5-6mm usually gives the impression of being extremely beautiful, which is suitable for young and small and lovely women. 7-9mm simple style of pearl foundation is the most popular, the most versatile, for consumers universal love! 10 mm pearls have been rare, more than 11 mm only nanyang and black pearls, pearl, pearl of southeast Asian and black pearls, precious and expensive, but luxury atmosphere, highlight its mature temperament!

The above is the pearl necklace size selection skill, the consumer combines according to oneself condition and the preference freely chooses the pearl necklace which satisfies oneself. In addition, the pearl necklace in the market is now mixed, some small businesses in order to protect the interests, buy quality poor pearl, to make good, profit from it!