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How to choose a ring
- Sep 21, 2017 -

Nowadays many ring merchants, domestic diamond ring brand (including Hong Kong) More famous there are Chow Tai Fook, Zhousengshen, CRD, Dai Mengde, Lao Feng Xiang, Cherity, Kimberly, Gold Extreme, Heng Xin, Chao Acer, Bulgari, Vatican ya Bao, Kindafford, Millennium Star, Ke lan, Diamond bird, bloves, Heng Xin, hundred Grand, The old temple, the Asian one, the American gram diamond, the gold elephant, the starlight and so on, how to choose the suitable ring in many styles of many brands?

Wedding Ring Style

Women will be more luxurious compared to fancy, while the men need to be level, simple. And the most important thing is for you two of people's temperament, do not choose the most expensive also do not choose the best, the most important thing is to pick the most suitable.

Pay attention to the wedding ring size

Ring refers to the size of the circle of the standard, called the Hand inch, by the number to count. Hand-inch into the Chinese-style and American, China's use of Hongkong. Most people's hands are in the 4-26, and the surest way to measure it is to ask the jeweler to measure it for both of you. You can also use the online method to measure yourself: Find a string or note, circle your finger around the ring, and use a pen to make a mark on the folds of the rope or note, Then use the ruler to measure its length, and the hand inch comparison can be learned.

Wedding ring Material

Couples in the selection of wedding rings are generally more inclined to the platinum diamond ring, and the simple point will also choose Platinum bare ring. Generally, more than 18K gold and platinum production wedding ring, its hardness high, convenient inlay diamonds and gems, especially platinum gold pure, rare, eternal love characteristics, become the first choice of the wedding ring of the material, gold implied love of the eternal. In recent years, in the wedding ring is often no longer just inlaid diamonds, ruby, Sapphire, tourmaline, emerald, such as color gem, color and colorful between many couples are also welcomed.